Free shipping on orders over $150! Excludes extractors, Hive Butlers, whole cases of bottles, custom orders, nucs, packages, and freight orders.

Effective Immediately:
We are open for walk-in business from 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday. We do still have most items in stock and ready for pickup, though certain things have become more difficult to get such as wax foundation and extractors.

Bastin Honey Bee Farm 

We strive to help beekeepers of all skill levels, from beginners to the more advanced.

Beekeeping Equipment

We are Indiana’s largest and most complete supplier of beekeeping tools and equipment. We maintain a large stock and typically fill orders within one business day.

Beekeeping Education

Education is important to us. Whether in our store, over the phone, or in one of our classes, we strive to keep beekeepers fully informed in order to give them the best chance at success.

Live Bees

We offer a variety of options for customers needing to buy bees. We offer package bees and nucleus colonies for starting or repopulating hives. We typically offer queen bees from April to September.

  Visit Us

5002 West County Road 450 South
Knightstown, IN 46148

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday  Closed due to Covid-19

 (765) 987-8385

Live Bees

Beekeeping Equipement

Beekeeping Education

About Us

Bastin Honey Bee Farm is a family owned and operated business that began in 2008. Like most beekeepers, something about the world of the honey bee piqued our interest, and we started with one hive. From there, we grew a few hives a year until we really got “the bug”, and then decided to go large scale. What was once a small-time hobby has quickly flourished into a way of life for our family. We are now a multi-faceted company working to provide beekeeping supplies, honey bees, honey products, and pollination services in Indiana and across the Midwest.

4 Frame Nucs!
4 Frames and 1 Gallon Feeder

Available April 2020

Beginners Beekeeping Classes

Starting January 2020

Five Frame Nucs
Five Frames in Reusable Box

Available May 2020

What Customers Are Saying

These guys are the best! Not only are they local business people providing a great line of products at good prices, they are also very knowledgeable about bees. They have been helpful, generous and very fair. You might find something for a buck cheaper online, but you can’t beat their support both before and after the sale. Their mobile store has been a great asset to our club and has become a feature of our monthly meetings.

I absolutely love these folks. So very knowledgeable and helpful. Their class inspired me and their love for bees and to help others keeps me hopeful. I’m very blessed to have met this family and done business with them. Anytime I need help, they are quick to respond. They are always willing to sit down for however amount of time to answer any questions you have. If you’re interested in beekeeping, please go see them! 🐝💛

Get In Touch!

(765) 987-8385

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